Thursday, October 27, 2005

Choosing Books For Children

Here comes along a short write up on how to choose books for children. Hope you enjoy and make use of it.

Choosing Books For Children

There is evidence to suggest that children who read for pleasure do better at school, whether they are reading fiction, non-fiction, magazines or comics, so encourage your child to choose what they want!

Suggestions for choosing books

Ask your child to help you choose a book they would like to look at or read; children are more likely to enjoy reading if they have chosen the material themselves.

Don't worry too much about finding the 'right' book. The fact that you are having fun and sharing with your child is more important than the content or quality of the book itself.

Your child will probably enjoy books that match their interests and hobbies; this might be a good starting point.

Remember that joke books, comics, autobiographies, TV tie-ins and non-fiction are also valuable reading material. Try to give your child access to as wide a range of books as possible, which will help them develop a sense of their likes and dislikes.

Board books, cloth books, pop-ups and lift-the-flap books are excellent for babies and toddlers.

Ask your children's librarian for suggestions. Libraries also run holiday activities, homework help sessions and all have free internet access.

Remember that puzzles, CD ROMs and the internet are also good ways of developing reading skills.


A few quotes as usual about learning:

Education is a funny thing. At eighteen we knew all the answers - forty years later even the questions confuse us.

Education is not a head full of facts, but knowing how and where to find facts.

I will end on this note and wish you all the best.


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