Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Activity at The Willingdon Club, Tardeo, Mumbai on 2nd October’05.

At the outset, my apologies for this delayed posting. Experiencing connection problems in the internet.

The Club had organized a special afternoon for children on Gandhi Jayanti - 2nd Oct. centered around celebrating and understanding Mahatma Gandhiji – The Father of Our Nation.

Shri Rahul Sood had kindly permitted us to deliver a talk on reading & children. As it turned out, my editor being a spontaneous performer switched over to another topic. Guess what Shri Sood must have thought – I promised him something but my editor delivered something else (something for the better, I believe).

Myself – (I think I should plug myself – I work for DIMDIMA – A Children’s magazine from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan - http://www.bhavans.info/) and my editor (should I plug him too ? - Shri Subba Rao – A remarkable communicator who brings out the best in children, he is pure gold, believe me) attended the event and the children were treated to an interactive session on the lines of “I am a Smart Kid”. The children enthusiastically participated in the session each one telling to the whole audience why s/he considers himself/herself smart. We had all sorts of answers – simple, honest, intelligent & yes humorous ones too. I felt that these 10 minutes with the children refreshed all of us present within earshot. In the process the parents too were entertained by the simple fact that their children were being made heroes.

There was a live demonstration of the charkha, children as well as parents were observing it closely. Some children were interested, some parents were trying to get their children interested. However, one teenager clearly remarked “So boring”. Not his fault, I feel. May be the communication from the demonstrator could have been better. A good activity, can be utilized better, maybe next year.

Later on, Madam Kumkum Somani & the famous actress – Madam Kamini Kaushal entertained the children by telling stories on Gandhiji, having a painting competition. The best painting would have been given prizes at the end of the event. In the background, Bhajans were being played on tape. “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram” & “Vaishnav Jan to tene kahiye”.

And oh yes, the children were treated to snacks by Shri Rahulji.


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