Thursday, October 27, 2005

Parents Are The Prime Teachers

Parents are the prime teachers

Today, the parental role in education should be emphasised as it has become very necessary due to the various entertainment options available for children.

A child's success at school is decided by the home environment and schools cannot replace parents in moulding and developing them.

Yet, some parents expect schools to do this. They should remember that they are the prime teachers for their children.

For example, a father can teach his son to repair a broken leg of a chair, change a spark plug, repair a punctured bicycle tube or even wash his own plate.

Mothers can teach girls to sew and cook. There are mothers who do not have these skills themselves, so how can they teach their children?

Most parents do not discuss politics, sports, religion, social etiquette or attempt to explain how plants grow and chicken are reared.

Some things they can do are:
· Expose children to the environment;
· Walk and talk with children;
· Include children in daily activities;
· take them along with them when they visit friends, parents, relatives or places of interest.
· Explore the athletic and sports talent in them;
· Expose them to teamwork, co-operation, problem-solving, and brain-storming; and
· Impart moral values and religion.

Children are the responsibility of parents and no institution can replace parents.


And here goes the quote:

Nothing makes a little knowledge as dangerous as examination time.

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