Monday, October 10, 2005

T.V. In Education

A Tip on Utilising T.V. In Educating your child.

Challenge your child to go beyond passive viewing when watching TV.

Watch TV with your children and ask questions such as "Why do you think that happened?"

Such questions will help your child go beyond the immediate and begin to form connections.

I had said in my earlier post that I would give a quote on education in my posts. It happens so, that it always slips from my mind. I would rather not be a politician, who promises and backtracks, hence what I shall do, is post the quote on & off. As I am on it, let me post a couple of them rightaway connected to what else - T.V.

1. Small children start to school these days with a big advantage. They already know two letters of the alphabet - TV.

2. It's difficult to teach children the alphabet these days. They think V comes right after T.

3. During the Cricket season, a domestic triangle is a husband, a wife & a TV set.

Hope you enjoyed the tips as well as the quotes.


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