Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Free Newspaper In China

When Shall We Have One In Mumbai ?

In China, those who do not read newspapers shall get one free from the 28th of December. Pl. see below for the details.

When shall Mumbai get one ? Well, Mumbai has already one free i.e. Mumbai Mirror alongwith The Times. But then, it is not absolutely free isn't it ? It is a bundle which you get whether you want it or not at Rs.4/-.

Guangzhou Will See First Free Distributed Newspaper Soon

Nov. 7, 2005 (China Knowledge) - Guangzhou Daily Press Group has recently signed an agreement with Guangzhou Metro Corporation to issue a free newspaper called Guangzhou Metro News on Dec. 28. As the first free newspaper in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Metro News will be converted from one of the newspaper titles under the management of Guangzhou Daily Press Group and will be distributed for free around subway stations. Initial investment in the newspaper amounts to RMB 60 million. Guangzhou Daily Press group possesses a 60% equity stake while Guangzhou Metro Corporation owns the remaining 40% stake. He Zhaoxi, editor-in-chief of Times, will take on the responsibility of running the free newspaper.
The new title aims at attracting people who do not have a newspaper reading habit.

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