Friday, November 18, 2005

Dangerous Gift By Children's Magazine

Shocking Tactic Used By Children's Magazine

We have all heard about how school children in the US & other countries are committing ghastly crimes like killing other children by shooting them & other sorts of violent crimes. Who could be responsible for this ?

Well, one party responsible could be children magazines. Surprised eh ! Children magazines are supposed to stimulate reading, creativity, curiosity & other positive reading habits in children. Then ?

Look at the news item below. A children’s magazine in Liverpool is giving away a plastic imitation kitchen knife complete with fake blood as a free gift alongwith the magazine. After this do you expect the child to play with flowers with each other ?

I refuse to show the picture of the knife for the simple reason it arises in me a great anger to the extent of using the same knife to kill off the editor of the mag. To expose children at an impressionable age with weapons deserves capital punishment, ‘cause who knows how many lives may be snuffed out in future due to this tacit approval from parents if they indeed still buy the mag for the child to read.

It pains me all the more, since I promote a most interesting children's magazine, titled DIMDIMA, & I would be really out of my senses to even think of using this tactic for any purpose whatsoever.

In my next post, I will carry an interview with a satisfied mother who subscribes to DIMDIMA fully well proving that if any product is interesting enough, no gimmicks are needed to raise sales.

The news item for you to get shocked:

A CHILDREN'S magazine has come under fire for giving away a plastic imitation kitchen knife complete with fake blood.

The life-size knife was given away with copies of Pokemon World, which targets 10-year-old children.

The giveaway was supposed to coincide with Hallowe'en, but the magazine didn't hit the shelves until a week later.

Sereta Daly from Toxteth saw the knife when she went to buy the magazine for her young nephew.

The 22-year-old said: "I was mortified to see it.

"This free gift looks a little too real. How on earth could anybody come up with the idea that a child would enjoy this as a toy?

"The magazine stated on the plastic wrapper 'free blooded weapon inside'.

"It's an outrage."

Pokemon, short for pocket monsters, has caused a frenzy among children since it was launched in the early 1990s.

Youngsters can follow the Japanese characters on the TV series, at the cinema, in trading cards and video games as well as the magazine.

Ms Daly said: "Children are being exposed to too much violence at an innocent age. I really amazes and shocks me that this magazine was allowed to be put on shelves for sale."

Pokemon World publishers, Highbury House, said the knife giveaway was initially intended to coincide with Hallowe'en, but a printing problem meant it failed to go on sale until a week later.

Russell Murray, editor of the magazine, said there had been other complaints about the knife.


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