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Tips for Reading to Very Young Children

Tips for Reading to Very Young Children

Reading experts know that any amount of book experience is a positive thing. But as book has the potential for being a wonderful, exciting, thought-provoking, comfort-giving, engaging, happy thing. Here are a few tips for reading books to small children that might make the time more memorable for the child and for you.

Most important of all… read the book first, at least once, so you know when to be dramatic and when to be soft and when the big finish is coming.

Be sure to be animated… make animal sounds when there are animals, and vehicle sounds for vehicles. Make your voice a baby voice when it's called for. The children will appreciate it.
Tap the pages of the book with a finger to get the child's eyes where they should be. First the left page, then the right to get them into the order of reading.

Hold the book up and away from you so the child can see it. Move it slowly from side to side if there is more than one child. Don't assume that the child will want to sit on your lap - try sitting on the floor in front of the child first.

Interact with all children, especially the ones who are starting to wander. Ask questions like "do you see it?" or "where did the cat go?" or "what did the bear say?" You make a bear sound. Do you think he'll find it?

Don't be afraid to leave out a line or even a page if it's not working.

Some children think it's important if they turn the page… let them.

Some children like to hear the words "all done" or "the end" at the end of the book. You might want to close the book, hand it to them and ask "what was your favorite page?" or tell them, "you listen nicely to books."


Tips courtesy of W. Dale Clark Children's Librarian, Sally Shook


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