Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Novel Way To Develop Reading Habit In Students

Want to be Shri Library ? - Kranti Vibhute

Stung by low attendance in the library, Podar College of Commerce and Economics at Matunga has introduced a novel way to attract more students. Starting from June this year, the student making optimum use of the college library will be conferred the titled ‘Shri Library’ for the academic year 2006-07.

Says chief librarian Santosh Patil, “With the introduction of this novel scheme, we expect the number of library users to increase to 500 from the existing 400.”

The principal of Podar College, Ranjani Upadhyaya says the scheme will surely revive the reading habit among students. “We will keep a record of those students who visit the library regularly and draw up a list of potential winners,” says Upadhyaya.

“Our library has 90,000 books, 75,000 titles, 80 journals, and 650 CDs on various subjects. We obviously want our students to make use of them.”“

The winner will be allowed to borrow more than one book at a time. They will also win a trophy and a commendation certificate,” adds Upadhyaya.Says Priyanka Parmar (20), an SYBcom student, “I prefer visiting the library to purchasing notes. I would love to be called Shri Library.”

However, Pratik Shah (17), an FYJC Commerce student fears that the libraries will get overcrowded if such a scheme is introduced.


This Idea Deserves Kudos.


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