Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Event Held To Help Children Become Better Readers

Lincoln Elementary School held its 4th annual Family Reading Night on Thursday, Nov. 17. The event kicked off at 6:00 p.m. followed by parents reading to the children and then the students read a book of choice to their parents.

The Lincoln School Librarian, Mrs. Carrillo participated by reading a book to a full house of parents and students. As the library filled readers of all ages signed the guestbook and entered their names in a drawing for prizes that were given away at the end of the evening.

The event was started to help children become better readers. Lincoln staff, students and parents had ample access to the many bi-lingual sources of literature. Aside from books, parents and students had the opportunity to read from magazines and newspapers.

The reading night encourages parents and children to set aside time at home to read to one another. At school many teachers have tried to make reading a pleasurable and comfortable activity. In some of the classrooms you will find pillows, couches, chairs and even the classic bean bag used for a seating area. These items are usually tucked away in a quiet corner where students can relax and curl up with a book.

There are many different ways to support the reading habit. Priscilla Lynch, an educational consultant, states that research shows that reading books aloud is one of the single most valuable ways in which a parent can provide help in a child's effort to learn to read. Parents need to show enthusiasm to promote the reading enjoyment.

When a child asks a question, stop to answer the question. This will elevate any student or childs interest which in turn will support learning.

Some children can read with ease, yet others struggle to overcome obstacles with words. If a child asks what the word is, tell them and continue. Many children may make attempts to sound out a word, this is a wonderful opportunity to allow the child to think about the word. By simply asking the child to read the sentence again it will help them to make sense of what the word is. It is suggested not to let them get frustrated over a word, instead say the word to them and move on with the story.

Lincoln Elementary's Librarian, Mrs. Carrillo organized the event. "The Family Reading night is so important. My main goal is to encourage reading time between the parents and their children. I know that the time spent with a child reading will help them to perform better on their assignments, test at school and CSAP test which will be coming up later this year," said Carrillo.

The Lincoln Reading Night allowed many students to demonstrate and expand on what they have learned since school started. According to Carrillo, approximately 75 people turned out to spend some quality time with thier children. Not only did parents come but grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends of the children came to help foster the child's learning.,1413,121%7E7981%7E3139977,00.html

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